Greek Flavours

Fresh Box

Greek Flavours is the largest store in the world of Greek products online. In the Greek Flavours world you can find the widest range of local products, all 100% Greek. Delicious & healthy for a flavory Mediterranean diet. They love to discover new Greek products to offer, all of which are rigorously tested by their team of experts.

Brief: The owners of Greek Flavours wanted to introduce a new line with fresh products like vegetables and fruits, delivered with a carton box allover the world. They asked our team to design illustrations inspired from Greece and these fresh products for the packaging.

Target group: Adult consumers with a modern aesthetics, mainly outside of Greece, who would pay a little bit more to taste the real freshness of natural Greek products straight from the producer.

Design Approach: For the launch of this new project we developed a series of illustrations that are friendly & inviting. We wanted our design to feel “honest” and unpretentious just like the fresh products inside the box. We combined fruits, veggies and some well-known Greek landmarks & regions like Crete, Peloponnese & Myconos, so as to bring a piece of Greece in a box!