Glory Land

for Origenes

The brand ORIGENES is an olive processing and product standardization company, based in Sparta Greece. They collect the best crop directly from the local producers. The company offers both products for the food service and the retail market.

Target Group: The food service products of their collection are targeted for the HO.RE.CA market (hotels, restaurants, cafe, bakeries & fast food joints). So this product line has a massive clientele.

Brief: Our client wanted a minimal packaging line for their food service olive products, in order to refresh their previous no-name food service line. They wanted somehow the design to incorporate a more traditional Spartan aesthetic.

Design Approach: Sparta is a land full of olive groves that lay beneath the mountain of Taygetus. The image of this mountain is so recognizable that we wanted to depict it on the packaging. We used a real black and white photo of it for a more minimal approach & a hand-written logo that depicts the human aspect of the harvest & the rest product processing.

The Land of Glory

gives the fruits of victory.