Koronzi Bros & Co

Currants Packers &Exporters

Koronzi Bros & Co is a Greek family company that specializes in Greek currants since 1890. Today, the fourth generation of the family, continues the tradition and sells very carefully selected products to the International market.

Company’s target is the production of safe and healthy quality products providing the absolute assurance to the final recipient , as well as the customers service, up to the level of the total satisfaction of their claims and at the same time the success of high level of productivity and efficiency.

Brief: The owners of the company wanted to launch a new product on the market. This was their first attempt to introduce themselves in the retail market, as they are mainly wholesalers of currants. This product, the currants’ syrup, is the extract of the drained currants & the final customer will mainly use it like a vinegar dressing for salads and more.

Target group: Customer in the supermarket that wants something unique in taste, but at the same time affordable.

Design Approach: We wanted to show the long tradition this company has in the currants’ industry, so we used graphic elements like engraving for the leaves, ribbon, grapes & bottle. At the same time we used block of colors like the purple & grey to have a fresh & modern final result.


Greek Currants,

Greek Superfood!