Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Greece is amongst the top five producer countries of olive oil by volume all over the world. Olive oil has long been a common ingredient in the Mediterranean cuisine, including Greek. Lucius is a top quality Greek extra virgin olive oil from the heart of Peloponnese.

The olive trees of Lucius are all located in the central-western part of Peloponnese, where the Arcadia valleys slope down to the plain in front of the mythological Olympia. This is an ideal area for cultivating all types of crops.

As for the name, it originates from the river Lusios, flowing down the valley. Hand harvesting takes place every year in November, when the fruits reach their perfect ripening. Moreover, the land and the wise hands of those who take care of the olive trees, guarantee a superb result and make Lucius oil a gemstone for the finest tables in the world.

Target Group: Our client considering the excellence of the olive oil has place it for high-end consumers in export markets. It is available in the limited version of 500ml and in the 5lt can. The 500ml bottle is made with a darkened glass that prevents sunlight from altering the organoleptic properties of the oil and adds a preciousness to the end product that someone would pay more for.

Brief: Create a visual identity for an extra virgin olive oil of high quality & its label for a chosen bottle.

Design Approach: According to the Ancient Greek mythology in the Lusios river, nymphs Agno & Thissoa, showered the baby-born god Zeus. We used the father of the Greek Gods, Zeus, as an inspiration with his symbol, the lighting strike. Therefore, with the mirroring of two strikes we created a holy pot for this precious liquid, the Greek olive oil.

The greatest gift

to mankind.