Hellenic food culture

Food is a huge part of the Greek culture. It has to do with the excellent and fresh ingredients that are found all over Greece. That is why so many businesses in Greece have to do with processing and packaging of nutritious Greek products, such as olive oil, olives, herbs and more.

The company ‘SeaCrets Inspirations’ is one of these companies that promote the hellenic food culture through their products. They are based in Kalamata (Peloponnese, Greece) & now run as a second generation, family-owned business. The company’s name is a word-play from the words “sea” and “secrets” of the mythical Greece. Specifically, they want to inspire their customers to live a better life by adopting a healthier food culture in a daily base.

Brief: Our client has a very big portfolio of agricultural products. They needed an extensive rebranding and new packaging for all of their products. That is why, it was really crucial to create a cohesive brand image. Furthermore, the region of the business should be taken into account on the visual identity of the brand.

Design Approach: We wanted to create a brand identity that would evoke thoughts of Greece, from the first glance. We used pure white as a base, as we wanted to celebrate the directness of the Greek light. In addition, we used watercolored illustrations for each element, because we wanted to represent the water of the sea that encompasses the Messinian land, where the products come from. Our design direction applied was based on simplicity, as we wanted to create an “honest” design for these pure products. So, each product differentiates from one another with minimalistic illustrations inspired from its nature, scheme and other contextual elements. As a result we created a beautiful visual umbrella for such big variety of products.