Greek Natural Beauty

YASU Greece is a business in the cosmetics’ field, based in Athens Greece. In 2017 they decided to launch a new line of products, based in natural ingredients such as olive oil, honey, aloe vera, chamomile & more.

Target Group: The products of this line is focused to women consumers of any age that want to use good quality cosmetics in their daily routine, made in Greece. The business has a big network of shops in touristic areas of Greece in order to reach international audiences.

Brief: Launch of a cosmetics line with extensive product variations. All of the products should be under the same visual umbrella & promote Greece and its culture.

Design Approach: We decided to use our country as an inspiration. That is why we used elements found in Ancient Greek vessels. We designed a variety of patterns that change accordingly. The specific pastel palette used gives a feeling of freshness and makes the brand’s presence seriously felt. Each product has a key ingredient, so we were inspired from its color for the main palette. We started our design with a light blue for the basic line, as a statement of the greek sea.

Having created a very cohesive identity we gave the YASU brand the potential to add easily new products in this collection, but still have a distinctive image on the self.

Be unique…

Be extraordinary.