Body Machine

Performance Studio

“BMPS” is a fitness studio located in the heart of London, in Kensington High Street.

It offers indoor cycling classes, TRX classes and personal training. It is the first authentic licensed TRX training facility in Europe and the second one in the world.

Target Group: High-end, but not extravagant, consumers that want to pay something extra for their well-being.

Brief: Design the logo and whole visual identity of this fitness studio. The logo should be scalable as it will be used in many different applications like billboard signage etc.

Design Approach: While designing the logo we kept in mind the basic programs of the studio in order to depict them on it. So in the main symbol someone can see a person while training with TRX suspension, cycling and the fact that has a dual direction someone can tell there are two persons on it. So it gives you the feeling that you are never alone, but you have always someone by your side, your expert trainer.

Find your

inner athlete.