La Grecia A Casa Tua

The Gusto Grecia project was born in 2015 and gradually enters the network. We bring Hellenic flavors to Italian homes thanks to years of experience and love for this land. Our intention is to bring real experiences to life through taste, to evoke memories, to share the knowledge and traditions of ancient culture that winks at modernity and always knows how to welcome us with great sense of hospitality.

We carefully select gastronomic products from Greece, from small and medium-sized producers. We are constantly looking for excellence and in addition to bringing flavors to your table we also want to tell you the stories.

Among our products there is no shortage of spices, from the most common such as the oregano, sage, bay leaf, rosemary to the most particular ones such as thyme and cinnamon. Each has its role in the kitchen and its ” powers ” in physical well-being.

When it comes to Greece, it is impossible not to think of olives. Thanks to a millenary culture strongly linked to its land and to today’s look at innovation, we find different qualities. Among our products you will find Organic Kalamata Olives, Organic Green Olives, exquisite pates.