Ktima Evinos


A family owned winery with a long history that dates back at 1803. One of their greatest aim is to promote the area’s terroir, and grape varieties by creating high quality wines that address to true wine lovers with modern aesthetics. All these years they have won lots of international awards & distinctions for their exceptional wines. The owner, Stavros Koulocheris, wants to promote the Greek wine varieties as he truly believes in their excellence.

The 8 hectares of the vineyard are situated in the blessed land of Attica, near the ancient temple of Keratea where the climate and terroir are ideal for wine growing. A land surrounded by the sea with soft winters and warm summers that create the ideal environment for vineyards.

Target group: Women and men with high demands on their tastes & friends of wine and well being.

Brief: The owners of the winery wanted an extensive rebranding with a new brand identity and labeling of their wines that will depict the modern luxury, long history & quality of their brand.

Design Approach: We based our logo design on two basic axes. The long history of the winery and the blessed land of the vineyards. We were inspired from an old olive wood that had the number 222 on it with white color. All the olive trees that existed in the vineyards of the family had this particular number on them so it was something really characteristic of their heritage that we wanted to depict in our design.

We also used the element of topographic maps in the logo as a reference to the region of the vineyards. Last the mint green color was an element that we used inspired from the green details of the property.

The famed Attica vine

blessed by gods.